Are you #shopping anywhere, change the colour of your hair?













– Lovely bracelet, it’s sterling silver, received from dad.

Fairytale Book Necklace Accesorize – €9.90

– Polo neck – €18.99 & Necklace – €8.00, both New Look

– Skirt bought by a carnival store

– A Barbie doll, a selfmade scarf from ribbon and a hand-knitted shawl (also selfmade) and braided hair :’) tied with a silicone colorband as a hair elastic! It’s totally for decoration, don’t worry! I do NOT play with dolls (anymore)! n_n

– Sweater New Look – €24.99

– Candle Holder Blokker & maybe you recognize the candle from Shoplog in juni, Blue Tiny Teardrop Earring Accesorize – €5.90 (oh my god, beautiful brightness!), Cordate earrings Six – €4.95, Flower stickers as decoration material for gifts.

– Washrag Pip Studio – €2.95

Papaya Body Butter Cream Body Shop – €2.00, Mark Cream Kruidvat (I don’t use it regularly, but it smells good!), Hand Cream Trafic

– My second candle holder Blokker, I use it for necklaces I often wear. I don’t use the little brushes, it stays were it is, so it’s not unhygienic ;)

Multi dimension Nail polish Essence & Mark Cream Bio-Oil

– My new pajama trousers & Thick socks Hunkemöller

– New fabric & Lavender incense (Uch! It reeks! I thought lavender smelt good?)

♥ Yasemin


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